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The most popular item at our art shows is now available right here!  You can add to your current collection or if this is new to you – start collecting pieces for your own amazing DIY jewelry creations!  Essential Elements by Tammy Rae  Find out more…

  • Bark Texture Ring

  • Brooch

  • Custom Leather Bracelet

    Custom Leather Bracelet


Introducing Cosmic

Shifting colors in the depths of space turn dots of stars into glittering inspiration, and draw us to dream more richly of all the possibilities.

Introducing Connections

Celebrating the connections that abound in our lives, which make us stronger together.

Just the Glass

Not Just Any Glass

Glass as art is a medium that has held my fascination for decades. The speed at which glass goes from being a solid to a liquid and the level of control needed to make that amazing transformation work in your favor draws me back to my torch for more! Adding to that, the mystery of color creation – well there just aren’t enough hours in the day for all the possible discoveries.

Introducing Cosmic

The reaction to my distinctive color layers is often “It’s like looking into the universe!”  Shifting colors in the depths of each piece turns dots of stars into glittering inspiration… Each is uniquely one-of-a- kind with its range of color and depth when viewed. 

  • Aquarius Product Thumbnail

    Cosmic Art Glass and Leather Bracelet

  • Cosmic Art Glass and Leather Choker Necklace

  • Cosmic Art Glass and Leather Long Wrap Bracelet

    Cosmic Art Glass and Leather Long Wrap Bracelet


Borosilicate Glass

Strong enough for Space, delicate enough to wear
Highly durable, borosilicate glass is uniquely impact resistant. Used for the insulation tiles on the nose of the Space Shuttle, this glass is perfect for beautiful, long-lasting jewelry. Tammy’s distinctive color layering techniques showcase a few of the limitless possibilities of this amazingly versatile material.

Introducing Connections

The connection between women who abound in our lives makes us stronger together. Geometrical borosilicate glass is one of the strongest forms of glass known today. Paired with elegant silk, leather, and sterling accents, these striking pieces are the embodiment of the fundamental links and connections that draw us closer together.

  • Ruby 7 Link Multi Strand Leather


  • Art Glass Chain Link Topaz Leather Necklace


  • Erika

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