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Tammy Rae

 Wisconsin Glass Artist


My days are literally filled with a kaleidoscope of amazing glass that when layered is nothing less than magical.  Any day that includes melting Borosilicate glass is a great one for me.  "Boro" is known for its spectacular colors and enduring strength so while it is beautiful it is also perfect for my jewelry designs.  Most of the time I have a vision for what I want to create, there are many times my glass has a mind of its own and goes a different direction - usually better than what I had originally intended.  The surprises offered when working glass keep my passion for it alive.  The possibilities are endless.  



ARTIST BIOGRAPHY                             

My first bead making classes were taken at the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have had the incredible honor to study with many glass greats, including Doug Remschneider, Brent Graber, Sabina Boehm, Steven Hagstrom, Milon Townsend and John Kobuki.  More recently because of the increased availability of virtual learning that list has expanded to include Julie Anne Denton, Bronwen Heilman and Andrew Pollack.   I have been blessed to be able to teach classes at the same annual convention where I got my start.  My students truly inspire me to pursue new techniques and continue to practice my skills and artistry.

A Touch of Glass was "born" in 2018 in a former saloon built in 1886 in the beautiful historic town of Waupaca in central Wisconsin.  Only a few miles from the Chain "O" Lakes community it is a great place to live and work.  I purchased an old church in early 2021 and moved the working studio and gallery.  Complete with stunning stained glass windows the former site of St Patrick's Catholic Church was built in 1888 and provides me with so much more space...especially for classes!  

I have been active in artisan shows throughout the United States. In addition to appearing on PBS Television and “Waupaca Now”, my work has has been published in several books including Lark Publisher’s “1000 Beads”, Kalmbach Publishing’s “Irina’s Inspirations for Jewelry” by Irina Miech, “Collaborate: Friends in the Making” by Brenda Schweder, "Inspired Bead Embroidery:New Jewelry Designs" by Sherry Seraphini as well as numerous magazines. 




Thanks so much for the gorgeous work… you outdid yourself!! Beautiful pieces and impeccable quality!


Barb C.

Manager, Morning Glory Gallery, Marcus Center for the Performing Arts, Milwaukee, Wisconsin



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