Tammy Rae

Wisconsin Glass Artist

I think George Bernard Shaw said it best-
“You use a glass mirror to see your face;

you use works of art to see your soul.”

And that’s what this is all about.


The creation of Art Glass melds science with the magical experience of creative discovery.  When I personally handcraft each piece, they become an eloquent celebration of strength, fantasy, and wonder. With delight and fascination, I blend my imagination with fire and glass, transforming simple material into luminescent artistry, yielding lovingly crafted handmade jewelry and lampwork glass treasures.

All of my work is created with borosilicate glass ( or “boro” as we artists call it),  for its spectacular colors and enduring strength. The anticipation and wonder I experience throughout the process of creating in this medium make every day in my studio unique and exciting. Although I have an inner vision of my intentions, color and blending can be somewhat unpredictable with boro; opening my kiln each morning is a fascinating surprise. In addition to the satisfaction of combining ancient techniques with my ever-evolving skills, there is the inner delight I experience, knowing I am presenting someone else a lasting expression of their passions and memories.

Artist Biography

Over the years, Tammy Rae’s style has remained simple, yet vibrant. From dazzling and dramatic declarations to luminescent and subtle secrets, her customized designs are radiant representations of dreams, desires, and inner fires. Spectacular fantasy worlds, lustrous swirls, and glittering light all reside in her customized polychromatic creations.

Accent materials of metal, wood, or leather are chosen to reflect and enhance the wearer’s personal tastes for each customized piece. A wide variety of beads, cabochons, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rustic and cosmic art, ornaments and artisan glass is available for purchase; customized requests are warmly welcomed.

Tammy Rae’s first bead making classes were taken at the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She’s had the good fortune to study with many glass greats, including Doug Remschneider, Brent Graber, Sabina Boehm, Steven Hagstrom, Milon Townsend and John Kobuki. Now she has come full circle, blessed to be able to teach classes at the same annual convention. Her students truly inspire her to pursue new techniques and continue to practice her artistry with the same fervor she instills in them.

112 N Main Street is the new location of Tammy Rae’s expanded studio and shop in the beautiful historic town of Waupaca in central Wisconsin. The growing artisan community is warmly welcoming and supportive, enabling her to have even more opportunity to turn her creative passion into full-time work.

Tammy Rae is active in artisan shows throughout the United States. In addition to appearing on PBS Television and “Waupaca Now”, Tammy Rae has been published in several books including Lark Publisher’s “1000 Beads”, Kalmbach Publishing’s “Irina’s Inspirations for Jewelry” by Irina Miech, “Collaborate: Friends in the Making” by Brenda Schweder as well as numerous magazines. She has also been featured in the Bead Embroidery Kit “Maharani” by Maggie Roschyk.

Learn more about the fascinating world of art glass lampwork, bead creation, or computer-controlled kiln annealing on our FAQ page. Browse the dramatic finished pieces in the gallery, and inquire about the perfect piece to articulate your inner fire.


112 N Main Street

Waupaca, WI

(262) 607-2025



Thanks so much for the gorgeous work… you outdid yourself!! Beautiful pieces and impeccable quality!


Barb C.

Manager, Morning Glory Gallery, Marcus Center for the Performing Arts, Milwaukee, Wisconsin