I very often “see” glass rod colors when observing things around me – for instance food in this particular post.

This past Monday we spent a delightful day with my Mother and Father-in-Law over in Warrens, Wisconsin.  It is cranberry harvesting season on the western side of Wisconsin – if you ever get a chance to take a trip there in early October – DO!  We drove around on a beautiful fall day checking out cranberry fields in various stages of new planting and flooding for harvest.  THEN….the processing plant – semi trucks dumping truckloads of the amazing red fruit.  COOL!  Reminded me of Rock Springs elementary school field trips to factories….always a highlight for me.


So……those cranberry colors…..Loki lipstick rods perhaps?? Yummy……my new favorite glass rod.

Then…….there are our friends in Waupaca…..George and his sweet daughter Jade….with of course Sammy and Bella. George grows crazy wonderful stuff in his garden! Seriously….huge and beautiful plants and vegetables of every kind and always the very best.  In this photo….a carrot on some greens…….other photo mustard green leaves. The colors!


The bright carrot……a momka palitra orange rod! Mustard greens……well, that would be a rod of silver creek rolled heavily in exotic blue frit, which strikes to shades of green of course.  Confused yet? Welcome to the wonderful world of borosilicate glass……often mysterious but always delightful!

So…..”cranberry and carrot” glass. 🙂 my world is viewed through a filter of Borosilicate glass rods!

🙂 love October in Wisconsin…….Rick has really helped me learn to appreciate the season of fall.


Just had to add this shot of the trucks dumping the cranberries…..wild!

20131012-085934.jpgMore shots of our road trip to Warrens20131012-085941.jpgAnd….Waupaca….always lovely.  

Have a great weekend everyone!