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Custom Packaging

Once your memorial order has been processed we will mail you everything needed to safely send us a small amount of cremation ash. This collection package includes a prepaid return postage label for our clients in the USA. International clients will need to arrange shipment of cremation ash with their local shipper. Use care when opening the collection box as you will use the same box to return the ash to us.

When your order is completed you will receive your custom memorial glass in a beautiful lighted custom box. This box will serve as safe and respectful storage for your piece when it is not being worn or on display. This special custom packaging is included with each item you purchase from Memorial Glass by Tammy Rae.

Optional items:

Personalized engraved label for box – Available as an option, your custom box will be labelled with the name of the person being memorialized.


Clear View Shadow Box – This unique option will allow you to showcase your memorial piece and keep it on display when not being worn. This box works with most of our products but not all. We will let you know during the quote preparation process.


For Pet Memorials:
Personalized engraved label for box – Available as an option, your custom box will be labeled with the name of the pet being memorialized.

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