Make it what YOU want

There’s nothing worse than jewelry that’s almost exactly what you want.

Which is why I created Essential Elements.

Every piece in this collection stacks, changes, and becomes exactly what you want. Feel like today is a purple kind of day?  Add a purple leather stacker to your favorite Elements bangle.

Just unscrew the sturdy borosilicate glass focal, pop on the leather stacker, and put back on the focal. Easy!

It’s Easy

Choose your style
Stack the elements
Wear what you REALLY want.
Enjoy all the compliments!

Just stack them up!

You want bling? We’ll send you some. You want purple glass and black leather? No problem! We’ll send you all the fun stuff- it’s everything you’ve always wanted.

The possibilities are endless...

Did we mention?  All the different stackables work with every other Elements piece.

Just choose your favorites, and have fun making the piece exactly what you want!

Essential Elements

  • Bark Texture Ring

  • Brooch

  • Custom Leather Bracelet

    Custom Leather Bracelet

  • Essential Elements Leather Bracelet

  • Essential Elements Pendant

  • Essential Elements Rings

  • Essential Elements Silver Bangle Bracelet

  • Lampwork-Tammy-Rae-Glass-Interchangeable-Brooch

    Essential Elements Silver Brooch

  • Lampwork Glass Topper

  • Leather Essential Element Embellishments

  • Metal to Embellish Essential Elements