Literally hot from the kiln this morning…..juggled them a bit as they were over 150 degrees when I needed to pack them. Absolutely new item for me……ring holders. Really fun to make…..these are really special. A % of sales will go to cancer research in honor of a sweet friend who has been battling for several years now. She loves jewelry and grows beautiful flowers…..she inspired this flower base design. Hugs to you Karrren!


Joy Kruse of Wild Prairie Silver created this amazing one of a kind necklace using over a dozen of my artisan beads. Joy’s work is truly gifted. Check out her website www.wildprairiesilver.com.

So……flying to Orlando this morning……attending ACRE Orlando sponsored by Wholesale Crafts. This took a small studio army to prepare. Huge thanks to all of you who helped……..I never could have reached this goal without each of you! Show runs Saturday, Sunday and Monday at the Orange County convention center…..wholesale buyers only. Looking forward to lots of fun meeting new people and eating trade show food. Haha! Don’t be too jealous……frost warnings for most nights that I am there.

The following week……9 day show in Tucson……that will be another blog! Gotta fly!