Sorry……Not for sale….Show and tell time….this is a marble that I made for my hubby for Christmas….it was one of the most difficult things I have ever made.  It is pretty large approx 1 1/4 inches and is filled with wonderful little splinters of dichroic glass and backed with a wonderful glittery glass and little pinwheels of color.  I always tell my students to never give up on something they are working on and I had to tell myself that little message at least 4 times while working on this.  Things kept going wrong….it bounced no less than 4 times on my work table…lighting little fires from my paper tags I sometimes use to label my glass rods.  When I added the solid color glass to the back, I created an air bubble that decided to appear after all the pinwheels has been placed….so that resulted in a crater in the back.  Argh!  Anyway – I kept at it….because of all the issues it took me almost 2 hours and a quarter tank of oxygen!!!  Between the dichroic glass, oxygen and my precious time this is a million $$ marble.  😀  Ok…not really.  But is was for Rick – he is totally worth it!

BTW – the wonderful little stand?  He made that.  Hopefully we will see some of this designs appearing at my shows in 2015.  He makes some beautiful beads too….we hope to collaborate on some wood turned and borosilicate glass combination beads.  Exciting!

THIS is for sale tho…..something totally new and SO detailed!  Czech Republic Glass beads and leather.  This bracelet is currently in a Facebook auction until 8pm tomorrow.
You have to join the site to place bids but it is easy….check it out.
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Enjoy and safe and Happy New Years – Celebrate and appreciate what you have.  Sometimes that isn’t so easy but give it your best efforts……life is short.
Cherish it – it is a gift.