I have always mistakenly thought that Celtic themed items were Irish.  Well…they are but they are also Scottish, Welsh among others also. Most of us connect the color green to the Irish but did you know that Blues and Purples are colors most popular for the Scotts? I didn’t!  Since I love all these colors I could adopt myself into any of these groups and be quite at home.

While at the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show, more specifically To Bead True Blue I found myself next to Donna – Celtic Treasures – a great lady from Tennessee with a wonderful Celtic themed booth.

Here are some results of the purchases I made from Donna……..Tree of Life, Celtic Knots, Woodland Nymphs on leather with Glass by Tammy Rae beads of course.

IMG_9572This winter has been long and crazy cold but check out some positives…..Lake Superior Ice Cave Photos compliments of Lissa Flemming crazy fun friend and mutually fire obsessed jewelry designer and owner of Silver Waves Jewelry!  Lissa designed the jewelry piece on the lower right after being inspired by the winter wonder.  See……not everything about winter is bad.  (it’s just too long!!!!)IMG_9584

Coming soon…….Marble mined in Ireland…..made into beautiful beads.  Perhaps some earrings.  And……Wild Prairie Silver collaboration on something new and so cool!

Life is Totally AMAZING…value each day as the gift it is!  Stay warm and safe out there!