Happy Monday everyone!  Under two weeks until Christmas so this past weekends fun torch times will soon have to take a back seat to decorating, baking and gift wrapping.  Before all of that I wanted to give a shout out to something I find very cool!

IMG_4719    DSC_0424 copy

Glass Expert Webinars™  www.glasspatterns.com has been offering online live classes for a couple years now.  I have been privileged to participate in three different classes.  Brent Graber, Milon Townsend and most recently Nancy Tobey.  For approx $80 you can watch your teacher create for two hours and you can ask questions and make comments via text.  Students can interact and they are literally from all over the world.  Very cool experience.

This most recent class with Nancy I was inspired to make big beads!  I had made a few in the past….could count how many on one hand tho.  I always struggled with the ends not being nice with that signature bead “dimple” that is supposed to be there.  Just watching Nancy’s marvering was so helpful.  I asked about this problem too and she suggested adding more glass to the ends if they aren’t going the direction you want.  We even emailed after the class which was a nice bonus.

I would recommend these classes to experienced glass artists.  A beginner can certainly learn from these but your money might be better spent taking a class where you can gain hands on experience under the watchful eye of your teacher.  That said…..watching a presentation like these webinars would be very inspirational.

So here are some more examples of my experiments!  Handmade Large Glass Beads!

DSC_0376 copyDSC_0363 copy

DSC_0373 copy

None of these are posted yet in my etsy store so please write to me and ask about availability if you are interested.  To see more of Nancy’s inspirational work click www.nancytobey.com