Czech Glass Bead and Leather Bracelet Kit



.This kit was featured in our September 2020 Facebook Live. Check out the link above for your free instructions.  

The glass beads in this kit are created in the Czech Republic – exquisitely beautiful tiny works of art…each one!

Choose your favorite color combination from the drop down menu when ordering.

The leather for our project is a lovely blend of deep brown and black creating a wonderful backdrop for the amazing beads and silver accents.


Red Amber Grey High Shine

Chestnuts and Cider


Periwinkle Matte

Red Amber Grey Matte

Shades of Blue High Shine

Fall Leaves High Shine

We will return to gathering – and will never take it for granted!  I seriously can’t wait!

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Fall Leaves, Cornucopia, Chestnuts and Cider, Shades of Blue, Periwinkle, Red Amber Grey High Shine, Red Amber Grey Matte