Lampwork Glass Cabochon Amber Sunburst with Clear Background


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  • Lampwork Glass Cabochon sunburst of Magenta Pink and Amber
  • This one has a clear background so its look can change completely depending on the color you place behind it.  See below…
  • Measures 25mm wide x 13mm tall
  • You will receive the exact cabochon shown in these photos
  • Each one made individually by hand without the use of molds
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Annealed overnight in my computer controlled Kiln
  • Created by me in my central Wisconsin Glass Studio

Because of the clear background this one can be rather magical how it can change.  Try a copper disk behind it to make the amber colors sing!  Black makes some of the glass have hues of blue…really cool with great options.  

These are beautiful set in bead embroidery, or set in sterling silver…whatever your designer mind can dream up.

I have done my best to show the exact colors of my glass as seen in bright sunlight.  I have not edited or enhanced the color in any way at all but please remember that your monitor may vary and make the colors slightly different than what they really are.   Send me a message if you would like to see a video of anything on my site – the magic of glass can’t always be captured with a camera.

There are no dark colors in this one – you are seeing reflections inside my photo booth.