Zig Zag Petite Bead Bracelet Kits



This lovely design was featured on our Facebook Live Oct 21, 2020!  Click on the link above to watch for free instructions.  

Choose any combination of beads and metal – you really can’t go wrong as they all look great.  For some specific combinations check out the finished bracelets shown here.

Peacock Matte Glass Beads

with Bright Silver Button and Spacers

Golden Clear Coat Glass Beads

with Antique Gold Button and Spacers

Bead Colors

Sunrise Matte Glass Beads

with Antique Copper Button and Spacers

Fire Opal Matte Glass Beads

with Bright Gold Button and Spacers

Note: Peacock, Sunrise, Fire Opal, Sapphire & Ocean are Matte with shimmer.  Speckled Brown beads are shiny.  Golden, Blue Gold and Pale Ice all have a clear coating with color deep in the center of the bead making them to appear to glow from the center.  

Metal Button and Spacer Options