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in Memory of your Beloved Pets

Pet Memorial Jewelry and Keepsakes Cremation Ash in Lampwork Glass.


Your Grief is Real

The bond between a precious pet and their human
is often stronger than bonds between people.

Your grief is real.

Cremation Ash Memorials are the perfect way to honor the memory of your beloved pet.



My love for the creation of Artisan Glass combined with the deep attachment to my own beloved pets has brought me to you. It has been my honor to create beautiful and meaningful pieces of cremation ash memorial glass for my pet parents allowing them to keep their beloved furry (or even feathered) family member close to their heart and with them all the time.

This site is dedicated to the long line of beloved animals in my life… including those pictured here, Jingles and Jasper.
Their ash appears in the glass galleries on Rainbow Bridge Memorial Glass.

ALLOW ME TO HELP KEEP YOUR sweet pet with you for a lifetime

by incorporating precious ashes into unique keepsake art glass.
It would be my honor if you placed your trust in me to
create this very special kind of art as a memorial for you.
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Please contact me or call me at (262) 607-2025, and I’ll guide you through each step of the process.

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