You asked…..have been asking for awhile and now they are here!  I posted them on Facebook last night but before I send a mass mailing here you go!  They are all on the website and available for purchase……..

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DSC_0047 copy copy DSC_0053 copy copy DSC_0059 copy copy

These super special beads are made on an OVAL mandrel (tool that creates the hole when the bead is being made….removed when complete) Pretty tricky!  Removing the glass from the oval mandrel involves light hammering which can result in broken glass if you aren’t really careful.  Safety glasses are a must!

More beads are available on my website 

Want a bead made into one of these?

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Select Custom Bracelet AND a bead…….I will create one for you.

Thank you Fine Line Gallery!  Last weekend we were blessed with the most amazing weather for mid October in northeastern Wisconsin and super fantastic customers!  Thank you all for stopping by and bringing your dogs.  I love that about outdoor shows…..all the fun pups getting socialized……