Where art meets glass, wonder is created...
The creation of art glass is the melding of  science and the magic of creation. Each piece shown is the result of an alchemical reaction of color and fire, forever captured in gleaming glass. Lovingly crafted by hand, no two are exactly alike, each piece a celebration of strength and wonder.
  • Custom-Glass-Flower-Ring

    Custom Artisan Glass and Sterling Flower Ring

  • Glass Marble Tammy Rae Opal Swirls

    Marble Ethereal Swirls

  • Glass Marble Dragonfly Vintaj Necklace Design

    Midnight Glass Marble

  • Glass Marble Swirling Deep Purples

    Marble Deep Purples & Browns

  • Glass Marble Spots Teal Green

    Marble Green and Teal

  • Tammy Rae Marble Purple Pink Blue

    Sunrise Marble

  • Teal Swirls Marble Vintaj Dragonfly Necklace

    Marble Teal

  • Glass Marble by Tammy Rae Magenta Gold

    Marble Magenta Swirl

  • Essential Elements Silver Brooch

  • Essential Elements Pendant

  • Flower Cabochons!

  • Essential Elements Silver Bangle Bracelet

  • Essential Elements Leather Bracelet

  • Essential Elements Rings

  • Brooch

  • Bark Texture Ring

  • Leather Essential Element Embellishments

  • Metal to Embellish Essential Elements

  • Lampwork Glass Topper

  • Custom Leather Bracelet

    Custom Leather Bracelet

  • Cosmic Art Glass and Leather Choker Necklace