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Wire Sculpture & Bells

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My search for Fair Trade Creations caused me to stumble onto these fabulous wire sculptures  - I LOVE THEM!  So proud to have them for you (and me!)
Wire and metal crafting by artisans  in Behat in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, India. Made from reclaimed metal wire Frame is soldered for durability Wire is wrapped around frame Coated in protective layer 
Made in India
Fair Trade = Fair Wage
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$6.00 $10.00

Gold Halo Angel


Mini Brass Bell

$2.40 $4.00

Mini Silver Wrapped Wire Bird Sculpture

$6.00 $10.00

Mini Wire Wrapped Antique Metal Bird Sculpture

$6.00 $10.00

Silver Wire Snowman

$15.00 $25.00

Silver Wrapped Wire Bird Sculpture

$7.20 $12.00

Wrapped Wire Bunny

$16.80 $28.00


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