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Czech Glass Beads

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4mm Lt Sapphire - Celsian Fire-Polish


4mm Crystal/Opaque Pink Fire-Polish : HurriCane Glass


4mm Lt Teal AB Fire-Polish


4mm Teal Tortoise Fire-Polish


10mm Faceted Melon Black with an AB Finish

$4.55 $6.50

10mm Faceted Melon Black with Bronze and Blue Metallic Finishes and a Purple Wash

$5.25 $7.50

10mm Faceted Melon Ivory with a Silver Finish and a Metallic Beige Wash

$7.70 $11.00

10mm Faceted Melon Medium Sky Blue with Metallic Beige and AB Finishes

$7.35 $10.50

10mm Faceted Melon Opal with an AB Finish and a Copper Wash

$5.46 $7.80

10mm Melon Ruby Red with a Copper Wash

$3.15 $4.50

10x8mm Faceted Bicone Grape, Dark Periwinkle, and Clear Glass with a Bronze Finish

$5.95 $8.50

11x13mm Maple Leaf Burnt Umber, Coral, Champagne, and Fern with a Gold Finish

$4.55 $6.50

11x22mm Bird Lime Green

$6.30 $9.00

11x22mm Bird Matte Indigo with a Copper Wash

$6.30 $9.00

11x22mm Bird Orange with a Matte Finish and a Metallic Pink Wash

$5.95 $8.50

11x22mm Bird Red with a Gold Finish and a Metallic Pink Wash

$7.88 $11.25

11x22mm Bird Turquoise with an AB Finish and a Gold Wash

$6.30 $9.00

11x22mm Bird White with a Picasso Finish and a Turquoise Wash

$5.95 $8.50

11x22mm Melon Drop Antique Silver with An AB and Etched Finish

$5.25 $7.50

11x22mm Melon Drop Black with a Light Bronze Finish and Silver Wash

$4.73 $6.75

11x22mm Melon Drop Grey with a Silver, AB and Mercury Finish

$5.25 $7.50

11x22mm Melon Drop Indigo with a Bronze and a Metallic Purple Finish

$7.35 $10.50

11x22mm Melon Drop Midnight Blue with an Etched Finish

$5.25 $7.50

12mm Faceted Round Thistle with a Metallic Hyacinth Finish

$8.75 $12.50

12mm Hibiscus Flower Boysenberry and Ladybug Red with Golden Luster and Pink Wash

$5.25 $7.50

12mm Hibiscus Flower Dandelion with Picasso Finish and Coral Wash

$5.25 $7.50

12mm Hibiscus Flower Ruby Red with Picasso Finish

$5.25 $7.50

12mm Melon Turquoise and Honey with Turquoise Wash

$5.60 $8.00

12x14mm Kiwi Black with Picasso Finish and a Copper and Red Wash

$5.25 $7.50

12x14mm Kiwi Blue Green with a Metallic Finish

$5.25 $7.50

13x15mm Crown Peridot with a Picasso Finish

$7.00 $10.00

13x15mm Crown Ruby Red with a Bronze Finish

$7.70 $11.00

13x15mm Crown Transparent Glass with Metallic Pink Wash and Gold Luster with Etched Finish

$7.70 $11.00

14mm Dahlia Mint Green with a Gold Wash

$3.57 $5.10

14mm Dahlia Teal Blue with Gold Wash

$4.20 $6.00

14mm Dahlia Transparent Glass with AB and Silver Finishes and a Beige Wash

$3.68 $5.25

14mm Hibiscus Flower Orange and Transparent Glass with Picasso Finish

$7.35 $10.50

14mm Hibiscus Flower Sea Green and Sky Blue with Picasso Finish

$7.35 $10.50

14mm Hibiscus Flower Transparent Glass, Teal Blue and White with Picasso Finish

$6.65 $9.50

15x8mm Faceted Dangle Drop Beige with An Etched and Picasso Finish and a Turquoise Wash

$8.93 $12.75

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