We came back home early last week after 2 weeks on the beautiful Spencer Lake! After a very busy summer in the studio it was high time! Sweet little cabin on an amazing lake in Waupaca County. As my bead enthusiast peeps will understand…..I packed beads and swim suits! Little tiny beads…..my goal – Bead Crochet. It had been a number of years since I have taken the time to bead crochet and I was pleased to find many great youtube videos and written tutorials to refresh my memory. I love bead crochet because it is such a portable project once you have the beads loaded up. Most bead projects involve beads flying all over the place…..these are contained.



The two designs made into bracelets (done later….after returning to my studio where I had all the fun little components mostly from Tierracast) I call my patchwork samplers. In a rather random manner I threaded beads of assorted size, shape and color. The finished product is an asymmetrical style…..using a Glass by Tammy Rae Handmade Glass Bead of course. 🙂


The unfinished bracelet with the orange beads is for Mom, Ruth Brown. Ruth is Rick’s Mom and a great lady. She and Lyle visited with us at the little cottage and she picked these beads for a bracelet…..I think she choose very well….the bracelet is beautiful. Here is a link for this pattern…..a nice one! (note…..don’t watch TV while loading this one :D) Mom’s birthday is coming up soon so I will finish this up while working my show this weekend (see Wausau Art Festival Blog)


Another link with great bead crochet designs….these are mostly smaller beads tho – 11/0. So far, I prefer working with size 8’s and 6’s. Easy!


So with Labor Day in the past, the calendar says September I am being dragged kicking and screaming into fall. I admit that I love the weather….I just struggle with what follows. I am more of a 4th of July girl than Christmas…..winter, well…..eeeeuuuuu.

On the bright side….September is often the most beautiful month of the year. The sun and lake water are warm….hopefully we can make it back out there once more before the chilly weather overtakes us. I LOVE Wisconsin Summers!

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Beautiful photo taken by Rick……