Saturday, October 11th & Sunday, October 12th  – Saturday 10-5, Sunday 10-4

Fineline Designs Gallery, Ephraim, WI 

I have been looking forward to this weekend for months!  Rumored to be a great show and as a bonus, I get to hang out with two of my favorite fellow artisans, Lissa owner of Silverwaves Jewelry and Joy owner of Wild Prairie Silver. These two women are dear friends, wildly creative and always lift my spirits – just plain good people – the kind we should surround ourselves with as often as possible.

So, as expected prior to a show, my little studio has been buzzing with activity.  The last couple weeks have been busy with lots of melting glass but this week…..designing and creating pieces with my glass.  My focus when designing is to feature the glass….since I made it, I might as well, huh?  That can create some issues tho from a design standpoint as well as color.  My glass is Boro or Borosilicate and the colors are often muted and organic looking compared to the more well known Italian glass options.  Therefore, color must be chosen carefully as to not overwhelm the beautiful colors in the glass.  I always find that secondary colors and slightly greyed down tones work the best to enhance my glass and adding metal truly brings it alive whether it be copper or sterling.  If you feel you need a little nudge in the color department, spend a little time studying the science behind the color wheel.  I find it fascinating….Primary, Secondary and Tertiary colors – Analogous vs Complementary colors…..just fun stuff and perhaps a topic for another blog.

Current state of my primary assembly workspace working with licorice leather, cork, metal
and my glass of course…..


Handfull of glass beauties….have been in discovery mode lately during my glass making
and it has been both fun and rewarding.


Fall has been beautiful here in Wisconsin so far…..but must admit that many of us are fearful of another harsh winter.  Our little squirrel friend has been stocking up – yes…..we have a squirrel feeder and it is highly entertaining!


Yes…..snow has already arrived in Wisconsin – hopefully it is gone for now and won’t be back for awhile!


My sweetie and I recently went on a weekend road trip and drove past this.  There are days when having this truck parked in our driveway would be very handy!  A tanker truck full of coffee!  (I KNOW……but isn’t but it’s nice to dream…..)


A pair of the sweetest people on earth, Nik & Morgan (my son and future daughter-in-law) showing us their wedding venue a couple weeks back.  They found the most perfect spot, a beautiful Missouri pasture (complete with cows next door) with a refurbished super cool round barn that a family has turned into a place for couple to get married and host their receptions.  Looking forward to next May and their big day!  The Round Barn


Coming soon from Glass by Tammy Rae – Sterling Silver cored bead charms!