We send you the glass your customers will love


A full display tray of our best selling styles, already arranged and labeled- ready for you to put out and sell!

It’s as easy as opening the shipping box, placing the display tray in your shop, and collecting the sales.

Send back anything you don’t want. It’s that easy.

It’s Easy

Choose your tray size
Open the shipping box
Sell what your customers want.
Return anything left.

Have As many trays as you'd like

You want one tray? We’ll send you one. You want eight trays? You’ll get eight! We’ll send you as many trays as you like free of charge- when you’re done, you pay us for what you’ve sold, and mail anything that’s left back to us. It’s as easy as that.

Full of Bestsellers

Did we mention?  Every sample tray comes  pre-priced and pre-labled for your convenience.

Just place in your shop, and sell!

Our latest Trays

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